3 Signs Now Is A Good Time To Start Going To School While You're In The Military

26 September 2018
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In the past, you might have never really thought about going to school while in the military. Now, though, it could be something that you're contemplating. A lot of people wait until they get out of the military before they ever think about going to school. You might find that it's a good idea to enroll and take classes, such as by taking them online or taking them on base in the evenings, right now. These are some of the signs that now could potentially be a good time for you to go back to school.

1. You Think You're Going to Be in the Same Place for a While

If you're going to be getting stationed at another base sometime soon or if you have an upcoming deployment, going back to school might not be the best idea right now. Of course, you don't really know for sure when these things will happen, but if you think that you're probably going to be in the same place for a little while, it might be time to start thinking about going back to school.

2. You're Starting to Feel a Little Bored and Restless

Some people find that they really enjoy serving in the military and that they stay busy. Others find themselves feeling a bit bored and restless. You might be feeling a bit homesick and could be missing all of the friends and family members from back home, or you might have just returned from a long deployment and might be having trouble adjusting. In this type of situation, entertaining yourself by going back to school can be a good way to give yourself something positive to do and focus on.

3. You're Going to Be Getting Out of the Military Soon

Even if you're still going to be in the military for a little while, you might not be planning on serving for much longer. Your retirement date could be coming up, and you could be counting down the days. Alternatively, your contract could be getting close to running out, and you might have already decided that you aren't interested in re-enlisting. If you're going to be getting out of the military soon, you might be unsure of what your future holds. Going to school now rather than waiting until you are no longer enlisted will help you transition to civilian life more easily and can help you avoid having a long gap in employment.

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