Six Problems To Overcome When Studying Through Online Colleges For Military Personnel

6 February 2023
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There are a lot of advantages to studying via an online university for military personnel. However, there are also a lot of unique problems that military personnel may face when they're enrolled in an online program while in the service.

Understanding and anticipating the challenges of an online university for military personnel can help you to maximize your academic success. The following are six problems to overcome when studying through online colleges for military personnel. 

Technical issues

Military members who participate in online college courses often find themselves having to be their own IT experts. While there can be some technical challenges to participating in online courses, online colleges for military members may offer tutorials and other resources that minimize the impact of potential technical setbacks. 

Time management

Time management can be one of the biggest challenges for military personnel in online universities since military personnel are both working and studying at once. Being disciplined and putting effort into setting a realistic schedule can help students to deal with time management challenges. 

Lack of social opportunities with fellow students

Socializing with fellow students gives you opportunities to participate in joint study sessions. Socializing with other students also helps military personnel that are participating in online programs to stay engaged in their studies.

When participating in online university programs, military personnel get to know fellow students through course forums or other resources made available for student socializing. 

Continued engagement

It can be more difficult to stay engaged in an online program than it is to stay engaged in a program that takes place on campus or in person. 

Students at online colleges for military personnel may need to put some extra effort into staying engaged and motivated by focusing on the career advantages that their studies will offer them down the road. 

Inability to communicate in person with instructors

Communicating in person with instructors is helpful for understanding complex topics. While online programs for military personnel might not involve in-person contact with instructors, students might be able to take advantage of voice chats.

Voice chats and video conferencing can allow students to come as close as possible to face-to-face, one-on-one instruction from those who are teaching their courses. 

Limited course offerings

Online studies for military personnel are frequently remote, and some university courses cannot be taken remotely. This is especially true for science courses that require a lab component.

Military members need to plan out their course schedules optimally to take advantage of the courses that are available to them at the moment. Military members can do their best to plan ahead for completing in-person courses in their program curriculum at some point in the future when they're able to study on campus.